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Full Catalog

Since 1982, Safari Ltd® has been a leader in producing "Toys that Teach®". Our mission is to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of imaginative play. From mind blowing dragons to enchanting mermaids, our authentic educational toys and animal figures spark imagination and speak to the innate curiosity in all of us.

French Bulldog Toy French Bulldog
Snub Nosed Monkey Figure Snub Nosed Monkey
Primates TOOB® Figures Primates TOOB®
Pelagic Fish TOOB® Pelagic Fish TOOB®
Pacific TOOB® Figures Pacific TOOB®
Dolphins TOOB® Toy Dolphins TOOB®
Lamb - Baby Sheep Lamb


Long Eared Owl Figure Long Eared Owl
Whales TOOB® Toys Whales TOOB®

Whales TOOB®

Friendly Fairies Super TOOB® Collectibles Friendly Fairies Super TOOB®
Zombies Super TOOB® Zombies Super TOOB®
Ameraucana Chicken Ameraucana Chicken
Gnome Family Designer TOOB® Toys Gnome Family Designer TOOB®
Gray Tabby Cat Toy Gray Tabby Cat
Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB® Figures Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB®
Poison Dart Frogs TOOB® Figures Poison Dart Frogs TOOB®
Fairy Tale Animals TOOB® Learning Toys Fairy Tale Animals TOOB®
Endangered Species - Marine TOOB® Learning Toys Endangered Species - Marine TOOB®
Endangered Species - Land TOOB® Learning Toy Endangered Species - Land TOOB®
Antarctica TOOB® toy Antarctica TOOB®
Nativity Super TOOB® Figures Nativity Super TOOB®
Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®  Learning Toys Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®
Arctic Hare Toy Arctic Hare

Arctic Hare

Two-Toed Sloth Toy Two-Toed Sloth
Nudibranch - Sea Slug Nudibranch


Red-eyed Tree Frog Figure Red-eyed Tree Frog
Boston Terrier Toy Boston Terrier
Beagle Learning Toy Beagle


White Bengal Tiger Cub Figure White Bengal Tiger Cub
Pteranodon Baby Figure Pteranodon Baby FINAL SALE Save 25%

Pteranodon Baby

Lorikeet Figure Lorikeet


Gnome Child Toy Gnome Child

Gnome Child

Gnome Mom Toy Gnome Mom

Gnome Mom

Nature TOOB® Figures Nature TOOB®

Nature TOOB®

In the Woods TOOB® Figure In the Woods TOOB®
Sports TOOB® Figures Sports TOOB®

Sports TOOB®