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Pre-K Activity Guide - Laminated

SKU 100844

Laminated for durability and protection, this 10-page activity guide is going to teach your little ones ideas and concepts that they would be learning if they were sitting in a classroom. Our goal is to provide you with a guide that allows you to be HANDS OFF while your children are hands-on. We want them to be able to learn important skills and nature-based content while you are doing the dishes, folding the laundry or preparing lunch.

Have a printer? Download this learning resource here:

With each purchase of a printed guide, we will donate $1 to Plant a Tree.
The laminated parent guides that accompany the activities can be followed exactly or can be used as something to refer back to if you are unsure of how to help your child master the goals. Many of these activities can be completed by your child while you give them prompts and guidance.