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Full Catalog

Since 1982, Safari Ltd® has been a leader in producing "Toys that Teach®". Our mission is to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of imaginative play. From mind blowing dragons to enchanting mermaids, our authentic educational toys and animal figures spark imagination and speak to the innate curiosity in all of us.

Freedom Dragon Collectible Freedom Dragon
Steampunk Dragon Figure Steampunk Dragon
Bigfoot Bigfoot


Merhorse Figure Merhorse


Earth Dragon Collectible Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon

Lava Dragon Figure Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon

Arctic Dragon for kids Arctic Dragon

Arctic Dragon

Gnome Dragon Collectible Gnome Dragon

Gnome Dragon

Baby Ocean Dragon toy for girls Baby Ocean Dragon
Ocean Dragon Figure Ocean Dragon

Ocean Dragon

Komodo Dragonff Komodo Dragon
Friendly Fairies Super TOOB® Collectibles Friendly Fairies Super TOOB®
Zombies Super TOOB® Zombies Super TOOB®
Satyr Figure Satyr


Gnome Family Designer TOOB® Toys Gnome Family Designer TOOB®
Alien Dragon for kids Alien Dragon

Alien Dragon

Thorn Dragon Figure Thorn Dragon

Thorn Dragon

Puff Dragon Figure Puff Dragon

Puff Dragon

Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB® Figures Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB®
Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®  Learning Toys Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®
Jewel Dragon Figure Jewel Dragon

Jewel Dragon

Stag Dragon Figure Stag Dragon

Stag Dragon

Werewolf Werewolf Figure


Sinister Dragon Figure Sinister Dragon
Juvenile Dragon Toy Juvenile Dragon
Jungle Dragon Figure Jungle Dragon

Jungle Dragon

2-Headed Dragon toy 2-Headed Dragon
Halfling Collectible Halfling


Behemoth Toy Behemoth


Baby Pegasus for children Baby Pegasus
Smoke Dragon Figure Smoke Dragon

Smoke Dragon

Peace Dragon Figure Peace Dragon

Peace Dragon