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25% Off with code: MEMORIALDAY
Friends of Safari | Safari Ltd®

Friends of Safari

Friends of Safari are trusted brands whose items we feel offer a perfect complement to Safari Ltd! These products make the perfect companions to our toys, providing new ways to play, organize, accessorize, and more. Keep checking back for new and exciting items as we make new Friends of Safari!

  • $13.21USD

    Snap Cubes (Set of 100)

    Snap Cubes connect together, using the nodes on top of each cube to plug into the circle cut outs on each side. Great for counting and grouping act...

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  • Coming Soon

    Pretend & Play Play Money

    Help children learn about transactions, commerce and math with this play money! Kids can learn about value and equivalencies, making change, and id...

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    Coming Soon
  • $25.41USD

    Mini Muffin Match Up

    With this colorful mini muffin activity set, learning early math skills has never been more fun! A perfect learning tool for the classroom and the ...

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  • $32.99USD

    Gears! Gears! Gears! (Set of 100)

    GEARS! This set of construction toys is designed to offer numerous activities that progress along with your child's development. Explore STEM learn...

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  • $45.49USD

    Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

    This pretend cash register encourages role play while helping develop math and calculator skills, as well as currency denomination.· Characteristi...

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