Fairy Fantasies®


No. 875129

by Safari Ltd

Jasmine loves all things of the forest where she dwells, and her inspired clothing represents some of those loves. She is a gentle, kind being, comfortable flitting about in the fields but perfectly at home caring for an injured flower or repairing the wings of a bee.

  • Characteristics: Jasmine was born when the long, thin petals of a jasmine flower first opened to the sun’s rays. In recognition of her namesake flower, her wings end in white points, just like the tips of jasmine flower petals.
  • Size and Color: Gentle Jasmine stands 4 inches tall, and her colors are more reserved and nuanced, like her personality. Light blue flower petals form her skirt, while green spring ivy leaves adorn her tunic.
  • Jasmine is part of the Fairy Fantasasies® collection.
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All flower fairies have wings, but while some love to coast about feeling the rush of wind on their faces, others prefer to take life a little more slowly. Jasmine is the second type. Most flower fairies flit quickly through the forests and fields, guiding bees and butterflies to hidden treasures, waking flowers to see the sun, or dropping dew at evening time. But a few flower fairies, like Jasmine, work under the flowers, repairing damaged stems and leaves, assisting bees and butterflies with injured wings, or helping very young plants find their way through crowds of green toward the surface. Without these hard-working fairies, the more glamorous work would be in vain.


Jasmine gently fluttered her wings, hopping down from the petals of a crocus to the cold ground below. This was the first flower of spring, a good omen, a sign of winter’s end. But she had important work to do. Below the flower, amid last year’s dried grasses and leaves, another young crocus was buried, its tiny stem not able to push through the undergrowth. This was the careful, focused work Jasmine loved. She gently lifted away brown leaves and tangled grass, careful not to disturb the flower. It must still push its way from the frigid soil, but she would do all she could to ease its way. She smiled, feeling the first rays of spring sun warming her wings. Life in the meadows was full of beauty and small surprises for those like Jasmine who would pause and observe.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 3.8 L x 7.3 W x 10.19 H
  • Size in inches: 1.5 L x 2.87 W x 4.01 H
  • UPC: 095866875107
Jasmine is the most proficient flyer in the Fairy Kingdom. A friend to birds of all sizes, she is particularly fond of swallows because of their aerial agility. Keen-eyed, patient observers can occasionally see her darting amongst the trees playing "catch-me-if-you-can", a favorite Fairy game.