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Dragon Emotions - Set of 3 Toys

No. 100534

by Safari Ltd
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These three dragon figures bring a more “human” touch to these mythical reptiles. Let everyone know how you’re feeling with these emotional dragon figurines.

  • Characteristics: Each of these three dragons represents a specific feeling. Dragons aren’t all cold, merciless monsters: they feel happy, grumpy, and sometimes even sleepy! Whether you’re feeling giddy, a little cranky, or just plain tuckered out, these dragons can relate!
  • Size and Color: This set contains three individually hand-painted dragons that convey a range of expressive emotions.

    The Happy Dragon is 4 ½ inches tall, standing upright with a toothy smile and painted in vibrant blues, purples and oranges to make even the dullest day brighter.

    The Grumpy Dragon has its arms folded with a scowling expression on its face. It stands 4 ¼ inches high and is painted in a dark green to reflect its sour, possibly envious mood.

    The Sleepy Dragon is curled into a comfy slumbering pose, wings folded and eyes closed…or are they? Painted in deep sparklng purples with orange and green accents, this soothing snoozer is relaxing after a tough day of being a dragon.

  • The Dragon Emotions 3 Figure Set is part of the Dragons collection
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Dragons are often thought of cold, emotionless creatures who experience little feelings other than greed for gold and other treasures. Reptiles in general are not often considered to be very emotionally developed animals, probably due to their scaly faces, which don’t allow for the amount of expression seen in mammals. However, this assumption may be incorrect: While it is known that reptiles experience basic emotions like fear or aggression, scientists are also finding that certain types, such as tortoises and lizards, also experience pleasure and may form emotional bonds. Some, like iguanas, have been shown to exhibit unique individual personalities.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • UPC: 609366002491