Earth Week - Protect Our Species

Earth Week - Protect Our Species

Safari Ltd is dedicated to educating children about the many animals of the world that are in danger of extinction. This Earth Week, learn all about creatures that need saving - with the help of Safari Ltd's educational figures - and do your part to Protect Our Species. Visit to learn more.

Thank you SafariFans - Together we make a difference

Orange Starfish Toy Orange Starfish
Desert Tortoise Toy Desert Tortoise
Killer Whale Figure Killer Whale
Bengal Tiger Toy Bengal Tiger
Mako Shark Figure Mako Shark

Mako Shark

River Otter Figure River Otter

River Otter

Coral Snake Toy Coral Snake

Coral Snake

Seahorse Figure Seahorse


Bulldog Toy Bulldog


Desert TOOB® Learning Toys Desert TOOB®

Desert TOOB®

Grizzly Bear Toy Grizzly Bear
White Buffalo Toy White Buffalo
Siberian Husky Figure Siberian Husky
Lion Figure Lion


Bamboo Shark Toy Bamboo Shark