Explore a fantastical world of mythical beasts with Safari Ltd’s Dragon collection, featuring dozens of unique and original dragon toy designs. These distinctive dragon figures range from the fearsome to the friendly, with beautifully detailed sculpts and hand-painted, vivid colors. Each dragon has a story to tell, and these figures are sure to spark imagination whether in the sandbox or on the display shelf.

Cloud Dragon Toy Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon

Earth Dragon Collectible Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon

Steampunk Dragon Figure Steampunk Dragon
Fog Dragon Collectible Fog Dragon

Fog Dragon

Lava Dragon Figure Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon

Fire Dragon Collectible Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon

Freedom Dragon Collectible Freedom Dragon
Good Luck Dragon Collectible Good Luck Dragon
Haze Dragon Collectible Haze Dragon

Haze Dragon

Arctic Dragon for kids Arctic Dragon

Arctic Dragon