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Toys On Sale! - Up to 70% OFF - Shop Here
Toys On Sale! - Up to 70% OFF - Shop Here
Dragons | Safari Ltd®

Dragon Toy Figurines

Explore a fantastical world of mythical beasts with Safari Ltd.’s Dragon collection, featuring dozens of unique and original dragon toy figures. These distinctive dragon toy designs range from the fearsome to the friendly, with beautifully detailed sculpting and carefully applied, vivid colors. Each dragon has a story to tell, and these figures are sure to spark imagination whether in the sandbox or on the display shelf. Plus, these figurines are perfect for the gamer or fantasy fans in your life!

Dragons have long mystified people throughout the ages, and the Dragon collection from Safari Ltd. features dragon figurines perfect for those who share in that mystery. You can keep them as collectibles, give them as gifts, or use them in a variety of DIY and school projects.

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