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King of the Jungle Bundle

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Become King of the Jungle with this bundle featuring wildlife figurines of lions and other African wildlife.

Characteristics: Recreate your favorite moments from animated classics - just with realistic versions! This set contains nine Wild Safari Wildlife figures - a male lion, a lioness, a lioness with cub, a lion cub, a meerkat, a warthog, a mandrill, a hyena, and a wildebeest.

Size and Color: The figures in this set range from 3 inches long for the lion cub to 5 ½ inches long for the adult male lion. The lion figures are a mix of sandy and dark browns, the meerkat features light brown on its back with dark brown stripes, and white on its underside, the warthog is a reddish brown, the mandrill is brown, white and yellow with brightly colored facial markings, the hyena is a yellowish brown with brown spots, and the wildebeest is a blue-gray with dark gray mane and tail.

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Hear me roar! Go on an African adventure as your lion cub figure meets new friends, like the meerkat and warthog, and receives guidance from his lion elders and the trusted mandrill. But watch out for the hyenas! You never know when they might try to trigger a wildebeest stampede! With these highly detailed, accurate and realistic wildlife toys, the fun and adventure never ends as the lion cub completes his journey to become the King of the Jungle!

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • UPC: 095866006211