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Incredible Creatures Pets Bundle

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There's more to the world of pets than dogs and cats. Our Incredible Creatures Pets bundle features large, highly detailed figures of some less traditional pets in a specially priced bundle!

· Characteristics: This set includes a Ferret, a Goldfish, a White Bunny, and a Guinea Pig. Kids can enjoy fun, detailed and accurate figures of these animals to play with, without any of the responsibility of actual pet ownership.

· Size and Color: The figures in this set range between 4 and 6 inches in length. The White Bunny is white, the Goldfish is orange, and the Ferret and Guinea Pig are different shades of brown with white accents.

· The Incredible Creatures Bundle is part of our Bundles collection.

Kids can have fun playing with these larger-sized, wonderfully detailed Incredible Creatures pet figures, without ever having to worry about feeding them or cleaning out their crates or tanks. This amazingly priced set features four scaled, Incredible Creatures figures with fantastic, accurate details. The Ferret is in a 1:4 scale, the Guinea Pig is done in a 1:2.4 scale, the White Bunny is done in a 1:2 scale, and the Goldfish is life-sized at 1:1 scale.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • UPC: 095866006167