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Friendly Farm Bundle

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Learn about farm animals with five unique farm figures in this specially priced Friendly Farm Bundle! .

· Characteristics: This set includes figures of a variety of animals found on farms, including a Mule, a Berkshire Pig, a Charolais Cow, a Highland Bull, and a Clydesdale Horse Mare.

· Size and Color: The figures in this set range between 4 ¼ inches long for the Berkshire Pig, to up to 6 inches long for the Clydesdale. The Berkshire Pig features the unique brown body and pink face and feet of the breed, the Mule is bay colored, with a medium brown body and darker brown at the points, the Highland Bull is brown, the Charolais Cow is an off white with brown accents, and the Clydesdale Mare is brown, with dark brown legs and mane, and white on the feet and muzzle.

· The Friendly Farm Bundle is part of our Bundles collection.

Create your own mini farm with this amazingly priced Friendly Farm Bundle featuring five different animals frequently found down on the farm. You get a horse, a mule, a pig, a cow, and a bull. All of these learning toy figures are detailed and accurate to their breed, providing educational opportunities in addition to hours of fun! A great gift for any farm fan.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • UPC: 095866006181