Best in Show | Dog & Cat Figurines by Safari Ltd®

Best in Show | Dog & Cat Figurines by Safari Ltd®

Starting on December 19th, as a part of our 12 Days of Deals, You can Save 10% on All Best in Show Toys!

Our Best in Show collection features playful dog figures and cute and cuddly kitten toys. These toy dog and cat figures are ready to be your loyal friends!

*Offer expires at 11:59 pm on December 24th. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. Valid on retail orders only.


Tabby Cat Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat

Siberian Husky Siberian Husky
Dalmatian Dalmatian


Dachshund Toy Dachshund


Bulldog Bulldog


Siamese  Figure Siamese


Persian Cat Learning Toy Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Beagle Beagle


Collie Collie


Golden Retriever Golden Retriever
Border Collie Border Collie
German Shepherd Miniature German Shepherd
Black Labrador Black Labrador
Poodle Poodle


Gray Tabby Cat Gray Tabby Cat
Schnauzer Figure Schnauzer


Boston Terrier Boston Terrier
Boxer Boxer


Collie Puppy Toy Collie Puppy
French Bulldog Toy French Bulldog
Great Dane Great Dane Coming Soon

Great Dane

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