Bernie's Picks

Bernie's Picks

Our Gregarious Gator loves to share his favorite Safari toys. Check out Bernie's All-star safari selections. These are some of our most popular hand-painted figures and educational toys chosen by the gator who's seen them all!

Musical Instruments TOOB® Figures Musical Instruments TOOB®
Pelagic Fish TOOB® Pelagic Fish TOOB®
Backyard Birds TOOB® toys Backyard Birds TOOB®
Fantasy Fun Pack33s Fantasy Fun Pack
Wild Fun Pack Wild Fun Pack
Good Luck Minis TOOB Toys Good Luck Minis TOOB
Styracosaurus Dinosaur Styracosaurus


Insects TOOB® Figure Insects TOOB®
Pets Fun Pack Figures Pets Fun Pack
Arctic TOOB® mini toys Arctic TOOB®

Arctic TOOB®

Human Organs TOOB®- Kidneys, Intestine, Lungs, Brain, Stomach, Heart, Liver, and More Human Organs TOOB®
Pacific TOOB® Figures Pacific TOOB®
Dolphins TOOB® Toy Dolphins TOOB®
Monkeys & Apes TOOB® Figures Monkeys & Apes TOOB®
Desert TOOB® Learning Toys Desert TOOB®

Desert TOOB®

Primates TOOB® Figures Primates TOOB®