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Blue & Gold Macaw

SKU 264029

One the most famous parrot species, the blue and gold macaw is a very popular bird in aviculture due to its intelligence, social personality, and ability to talk with a large vocabulary. Keep in mind, macaws should only be owned by experienced bird owners!

  • Scientific Name: Ara ararauna
  • Characteristics:With a proclivity towards speaking and the ability to learn a wide range of words, there’s no end to the conversations you and this blue and gold macaw will have! Hand painted and artfully crafted, this figurine is exceptional as a piece of décor, toy for play, or even as the last piece to tie together a nature diorama.
  • Size and Color: As their name suggests, blue and gold macaws have a beautiful bright blue tail and wings, golden chest, green crown, and a white and black face. 4.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, this figurine is roughly the size of a soda can resting on its side.
  • The Blue & Gold Macaw is part of the Wings of the World Birds collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • History:

    Despite their pleasant disposition and beautiful plumage, blue and gold macaws should only be kept as pets by experienced bird owners. Not only are they very large birds that require lots of free space or an enormous enclosure, but they need lots of attention and intellectual stimulation. If you’re interested in eventually owning one of these magnificent feathered friends, learn a little more about them first with our blue and gold macaw figurine!

    • Recommended Age: 3
    • Size in cm: 10.6 L x 9 W x 4 H
    • Size in inches: 4.17 L x 3.54 W x 1.57 H
    • UPC: 095866264024
    Present Status Due to trapping and trade issues, the Blue and Gold Macaw is a protected species. This bird is becoming increasingly popular as a household pet.