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Bulldogs are usually described as courageous and friendly. They are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Easy to recognize, bulldogs are medium-sized animals with muscular bodies, large heads, and massive necks, all placed a short distance from the ground.

  • Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris
  • Characteristics: This bulldog figure captures the classic family pet at its best, with its body at attention and faced scrunched in anticipation or excitement. Bulldogs are considered medium energy, and this one looks ready to play.
  • Size and Color: White with light tan spots, this bulldog could be said to have a pinto color pattern. The figure measures 2 ¼ inches long and stands 1 ¾ inches high, a little smaller than a computer mouse turned on its side.
  • The Bulldog is part of the Farm Best in Show Dogs collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • History

    Bulldogs were first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1886, just eleven years after the Civil War ended. They are considered a non-sporting breed, one of seven breed types, but truly a catch-all for dogs that don’t fit well in the other six breed types. The other types include Sporting, such as the retrievers; Hounds, such as the beagle; Working, like the Siberian husky; Terriers, such as the Scottish terrier; Herding, like the border collie; and the Toy group, which includes Chihuahuas. Some of the dog breeds have strayed far from their original purposes, but these breed categorizations recognize what the breeds were first created to do.

    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Size in cm: 5.75 L x 2.41 W x 4.5 H
    • Size in inches: 2.26 L x 0.95 W x 1.77 H
    • UPC: 095866000011
    Present Status They are a popular domesticated breed and they are in no danger of disappearing as the original Old English breed did. However, unless the health of the breed improves, they will continue to live short lives filled with breathing difficulties as well as many other ailments.