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Though it was quite dolphin-like in appearance, the Ichthyosaurus is actually a marine reptile, living in the Late Triassic to Early Jurassic Period. These sleek creatures grew up to 11 feet long, and gave birth to live young.

  • Scientific Name: Ichthyosaurus (“Fish Lizard”)
  • Characteristics: This Icthyosaurus figure may look like a dolphin, but it was actually a reptile! This figure features the characteristic long snow, large eyes, wide flippers, and shark-like tail of these unique marine prehistoric reptiles.
  • Size and Color: This figure is 7 ½ inches long and 2 ½ inches to the top of its dorsal fin. It’s about the size of a pair of scissors. Its coloration features counter-shaded black above and white below, with wavy white stripes along its sides. Its eyes are golden with black pupils.
  • The Ichthyosaurus is part of the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free


Ichthyosaurus was discovered by the paleontologist Mary Anning in the 1800s. Many complete or nearly complete remains have allowed scientists to have a good idea of how this reptile looked in life.

Ichthyosaurus was roughly dolphin-shaped, with a single dorsal fin and a long, narrow “beak” full of teeth. It had a vertically oriented tail like a fish, and its legs had evolved into fins to help propel it through the water. It had enormous eyes, indicating that it probably hunted its prey by sight.  

  • Size in cm: 19.05 L x 6.68 W x 6.2 H
  • Size in inches: 7.5 L x 2.63 W x 2.44 H
  • UPC: 095866004286